Ion repair is a revolutionary textile finish launched by entex that generates beneficial negative ions while you sleep.

Its main ingredient. the famous coenzyme Q10 -one of the most valued cosmetics currently- is enriched with aloe vera extract and sweet almond oil. The result is a smoother, hydrated and healthy skin.

ENTEX, true to its commitment to reach a higher quality of sleep, has created DEEP-REST, a revolutionary finishing that combines the properties of jasmine, lemon balm, vitamin B and California poppy to provide an optimal rest.

The balance of the electrical charge of the air is fundamental for health. The most effective way to neutralize the effects of cations are the anions or negative ions, which have their origin in nature.


 Silky smooth

Our EntexSilk finish with silk protein.

The discovery of silk was a secret that was well guarded by the Chinese thousands of years ago.Nowadays, silk is a natural product that is used throughout the world. When we talk about silk we talk about smoothness and,who can’t sleep smoothly?

Silk protein is a natural product with exceptional qualities. It is very similar to human skin proteins and that’s why it is so like our skin and doesn’t irritate:it is hypoallergenic. Likewise, silk maintains body temperature as it is able to store heat during cold spells and coolness during hot seasons. That’s why sleeping on silk ensures optimal comfort at the right temperature.

EntexSilk provides shine, smoothness, elegance and luxury offered by the highest quality fabrics.

Touch of softness

Our EntexSoft softener finish.

EntexSoft is a modified silicone that is emulsified in particles of less than 100nm, achieving an authentic nano-emulsion. This is much more stable than conventional micro-emulsions and therefore gives the product greater stability.

EntexSoft gives the fabric a pleasant, natural feel and offers a sensation of comfort and protection. It also has other advantages in addition to giving fabrics softness: it facilitates sewing, increases resistance to tearing and it is absorbent.

With EntexSoft a pleasant sensation of softness will accompany your dreams.

Beauty sleep

Our EntexGold finish with argan oil.

Argan oil is one of the most valued oils extracted from argan tree seeds, which the Moroccan Berber people called“the tree of life”.

Due to its large amounts of vitamin D and fatty acids, mainly oleic acid and linoleic acid, it offers incredible skin protection effects and plays an important role in cellular renovation and regeneration. It helps to reduce wrinkles, re-establishes their hydrolipidic barrier and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has medicinal properties like blocking cholesterol absorption, stimulating circulation and strengthening the organism’s natural immune system.

The fabrics that we apply the EntexGold natural finish to benefit from all types of properties, leaving a fabric with a soft and silky touch and providing softness and elasticity to your skin and hair.

EntexGold brings all the beauty of nature to your rest.

Your mattress clean and dry

Our EntexHidrocontrol anti-pilling and anti-humidity finish.

EntexHidrocontrol is a polyurethane nano-dispersion that offers great penetration and distribution inside the fabric, providing unique application properties and possibilities.

The fabrics that we apply EntexHidrocontrol to keep you comfortable at any time of the day. They are quick drying, absorb skin humidity and they stay soft and breathable for much more time.

Moreover, the benefits of EntexHidrocontrol can be combined with the benefits of the EntexSanex anti-bacterial finish and therefore achieving a fabric with impeccable transpiration, free from bad smells and more hygienic.

Another benefit of EntexHidrocontrol is its anti-pilling power, which keeps the fabric new for much longer and gives it a smooth feel.

EntexHidrocontrol gives fabrics maximum rest comfort.

Easy care

Our EntexEasy anti-crease finish.

EntexEasy responds to the growing market demand for non-crease and easy to care for products. It is based on nano-technology with resins and catalysers that make the fabric soft and give it anti-crease properties.

The fabrics treated with EntexEasy are much more long-lasting and keep their high quality even after repeated washes.

EntexEasy, a perfect ally for fabric easy-care.

Stress-free dreams

Our EntexSilver finish with silver ions.

EntexSilver combines high technology with an innovative antibacterial finish based on silver ions. The use of silver is specially indicated for health related activities due to its great capacity to repel bacteria, favour blood flow, regulate body temperature and reduce anxiety.

By being a 100% natural product, EntexSilver does not provoke any type of allergy and has no contraindications.

With EntexSilver, your mattress will stay fresh and dry during your rest, and a pleasant sensation of tranquillity will accompany you night after night.

Sleep cool

Our EntexCool finish with plant extracts.

Provides a sensation of freshness when the body’s temperature rises and sweats.It contains a selection of plant extracts like birch, which removes the sensation of heat from your skin and gives a refreshing effect.

The EntexCool finish is based onthe phenomenon called stress through heat,which means it imitates what we feel on receiving too much heat, which considerably reduces the quality of our rest.

EntexCool guarantees the ideal temperature during sleep, which is reached by regulating each person’s humidity.

EntexCool, a perfect choice to avoid the heat.

Stop allergies

Our anti-allergy EntexPolen finish.

EntexPolen is based on the nano-dispersion of a polysiloxane derivate that easily penetrates into the fabric and adheres very well to the fibres, therefore achieving unique anti-allergic properties.

Thanks to this finish, pollen does not penetrate the fibres, it only slightly adheres and is easily removed by simply shaking out. In this way contamination in other enclosed environments is prevented, which is the main cause of allergic illnesses.

EntexPolen is resistant to washing in water and dry-cleaning.

EntexPolen gives you and yours the confidence and tranquillity of a rest without allergy problems.

Wrap up your dreams

Our EntexHot finish with plant and flower extracts.

EntexHot contains a blend of extracts derived from plants and flowers that improve blood flow and give a comfortable, warm sensation.

EntexHot protects you from the cold and humidity to wrap up your dreams.

Aroma in your dreams

Our EntexAroma odour neutraliser finish.

EntexAroma is designed to neutralise odours in order to provide comfort and well-being with a fresh, pleasant fragrance. The neutralising micro-capsules do not alter, in any way whatsoever, the smoothness of our mattress cloth, but they achieve optimal ambient freshness. EntexAroma reduces the vapour pressure of the bad smell, neutralises and conceals bad smells while we sleep and renews the ambient with a low concentration fragrance that is hardly noticeable, as if the bad smell had never existed. Neutralising bad smells is more effective than “hiding them”.

EntexAroma uses aromatherapy to perfume the fabrics and obtain the desired fragrance. It is made up of essential oils that are gradually released, giving a long-lasting effect. There is a large variety of aromas:camomile,lavender,roses,lemon, white tea…

EntexAroma perfumes your rest with your preferred aroma.

Antibacterial protection

Our EntexSanex antibacterial protection finish.

The hygienic function of our EntexSanex finish gives fabrics safe and long-lasting protection against bacteria and mould. This means that the fabric’s appearance and structure stay good for a long time.

Mattresses offer domestic dust mites the ideal environment to survive and multiply. These little organisms can cause all types of allergic reactions. Therefore, it is advisable that dust mites don’t get even the slightest chance to bother our lives and, especially, our sleep.

EntexSanex is a 100% natural solution that eliminates the allergens caused by domestic dust mites and prevents undesirable bacteria. It improves our sleeping environment and greatly reduces the risks of allergic reactions and breathing problems.

The hygienic EntexSanex finish provides protection and freshness and a long-lasting sensation of well-being.

Your fireproof mattress

Our EntexFireProof fireproof finish.

EntexFireProof is a finish for technical fabrics that prevents fire from spreading. The fireproof effects of this finish last even after repeated washes at high temperatures.

Very strict with regards to safety, the EntexFireProof finish meets the new legislation in the textile market and the BritishStandard. It is also made-to-measure in order to meet the specific legislative requirements in different countries.

EntexFireProof gives your rest all the safety you need.

Pamper you skin

Our EntexAloe finish with Aloe Vera.

AloeVera extract is highly appreciated for its curative properties.It has over 75 beneficial nutrients and 200 active components that are habitually used to cure burns and as balms and skin rejuvenators.

Scientific studies have shown that the incorporation of AloeVera in fabrics has clear benefits for rest and well-being.The perfect combination of curative properties for the skin, antibacterial and hygienic properties as well respecting the environment, make EntexAloethe perfect ally for the textile industry, as it offers healthy and safe rest.

EntexAloe, the perfect ally for your skin while you rest.

Goodbye mosquitos

Our EntexRelec anti-mosquito.

EntexRelec contains permethrin in its composition, a product that is very effective against a wide range of insects like mites or annoying mosquitos.

EntexRelec leaves the atmosphere insect-free and makes nights much more enjoyable without those irritating night-time bites.

Your stain-free mattress

Our EntexSpotless finish with Teflon.

Teflon is a polymer with fluoride molecules thanks to which a protective film is created in the fabric that impedes stains and liquids from being absorbed.

EntexSpotless is breathable and imperceptible to sight, touch and smell. Tested under dermatological control, it is long-lasting when washed and can also be dry-cleaned.

EntexSpotless keeps your mattress clean and stain-free much longer.

Recharge you energy

Our EntexGreenTea finish with Green tea.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory given its high catechin and isoflavone content. The fabrics that have it incorporated delay the skin aging process as it strengthens its protective layer by conserving its humidity and freshness.

Moreover, green tea is a physical and mental energiser that favours concentration and mental work.

EntexGreenTea is the ideal finish to achieve that restorative rest that allows us to face the day with energy.

Softness and freshness

Our EntexApicell finish with beeswax.

EntexApicell is a new, 100% ecological product based on beeswax emulsions made up of fatty acid esters with alcohols. Its active substances provide a balanced relationship between the fabric and the skin and, due to their beneficial effects, they are used in many cosmetics and medicinal emulsions.

In addition to having anti-static properties, EntexApicell provides fabric softness and protects from humidity, giving a feeling of freshness.

EntexApicell is a product that respects the environment and provides the softness and freshness that your rest needs.

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