Carbon fiber has a great capacity to absorb the human body’s static electricity by preventing the formation of an electric field around us.

Copper is present in the superoxide dismutase enzyme. It has a strong antioxidant valid action eliminating free radicals, the cause of aging.

Copper is present in the superoxide dismutase enzyme. It has a strong antioxidant valid action eliminating free radicals, the cause of aging.

The balance of the electrical charge of the air is fundamental for health. The most effective way to neutralize the effects of cations are the anions or negative ions, which have their origin in nature.




Carbon fiber has a great capacity to absorb the human body’s static electricity by preventing the formation of an electric field around us.

Entex’s anti-static fabrics are made by inserting some fine carbon fiber threads that act as conductive channels and energy repellents. Through them the electrostatic charges are expulsed from the body, reducing tension and providing a sensation of peace and well-being during our sleeping hours.

Likewise, carbon fiber has a great capacity to repel dust particles and all types of harmful substances.

The anti-stress, anti-static, anti-bacterial and odour inhibiting benefits of carbon fiber are widely acknowledged.

A carbon fiber mattress provides the relaxation and rest that your body and mind need.



The yarn that comes from bamboo is 100% natural cellulose. It has many advantages over other yarns: it is a natural anti-bacterial, it is biodegradable and its decomposition does not cause any type of environmental contamination. It gives the fabric a soft, fresh feel and a luminous appearance.

Bamboo fibres have a very absorbent perforated structure; thanks to the microscopic holes in the fibres the bamboo fabrics always offer a fresh, breathable feel. This also prevents the cloth from sticking to your skin when it is hot. It is natural “air conditioning”, it cools us in summer and warms us in winter.

Bamboo yarn combines very high resistance with maximum comfort, therefore guaranteeing the softness of a perfect rest.



Soya yarn is obtained by lubricating soya paste through new bio-engineering technologies. It is an excellent vegetable source for the manufacture of textile fibre, which proves its multiple benefits.

Soya yarn has anti-bacterial, moisturising, and ultraviolet ray protection properties and contains 18 classes of amino-acids that are beneficial for the body.Moreover, it allows for more oxygen circulation towards the body, which helps to remove negative particles from the skin.These characteristics, along with it very light weight and the sensation of softness that it gives, make soya yarn the ideal material to manufacture all types of fabrics.

This fibre is as soft as silk and as fresh as cotton. It allows for absorption and removes humidity quickly, which makes it very comfortable.

Your soya yarn mattress takes care of your health while you sleep.



Silk comes from the filaments that the silk worm produces during incubation. These filaments are carefully extracted and treated so that they become a thread that is resistant enough to be used in the textile industry.

The versatility of silk yarn allows for the creation of highly resistant natural cloths and, at the same time, ones of great delicateness, shine and softness.

It has natural insulating qualities, it keeps the heat during cold periods and coolness during hot seasons;it is hypoallergenic and an odour repellent.

Silk yarn offers a luxurious smoothness to our fabrics.



The use of silver yarn is especially indicated for those activities related to health due to its great capacity to repel bacteria, favour blood circulation, regulate body temperature and reduce anxiety. In fact, silver was considered to be the first antibiotic.

The use of silver yarn in the composition of fabrics neutralises the unpleasant smell caused by sweat and bacteria. It is a hydrophobic material, it improves the evaporation process and efficiently removes humidity away from the body, therefore improving comfort.

Silver yarn is a thermo-regulator. In winter it acts like a barrier that impedes the heat from escaping to a colder environment and, when the temperature increases, the excess heat generated is transmitted to the air, improving the body’s natural cooling action.

It is anti-static, it makes the static charges that have accumulated in the fabric dissipate easily, preventing the sensation of unease and increasing comfort. Moreover, garments with silver yarn create a small magnetic field around the body and this improves blood circulation and reduces inflammations.

The silver yarn mattress is ideal for a restorative rest during stress-free sleep.



Viscose fibre is produced from cellulose, mainly cotton and wood, and its properties are similar to those of cotton.

It is breathable, absorbs and dissipates body humidity. Thanks to this our body stays dry and gives us a balanced rest. The low humidity rate that it achieves impedes the development of bacteria and mould, the main causes of domestic allergies. Moreover, viscose offers perfect thermal insulation.

Viscose is a natural and biodegradable product and its production process is sustainable.

Sleeping on a viscose mattress offers a comfortable, naturally balanced rest.



Linen is a 100% natural fibre known for its resistance and durability, but also for being an anti-allergenic and for absorbing humidity. With linen we obtain a high quality cloth that is very soft to the touch, a distinctive fabric, elegant, a symbol of quality and luxurious comfort.

Linen is excellent for weaving. Of all the natural fibres it is one of the strongest, has important breathable properties and stays fresh and dry to the touch. Linen is very relaxing as it lowers body temperature and relaxes the muscles, therefore improving the quality of our sleep.

Luxury, comfort and elegant tradition come together in a linen mattress to give us a unique sensation of well-being.



Cotton is a 100% natural vegetable fibre that is very important as a raw material in the manufacture of fabrics and dress garments.

Cotton is the most widely used fabric. In addition to being fresh and light, it absorbs humidity and does not cause skin irritations. It is resistant, elastic and easy to keep, it is very washable and can be bleached and dyed.

The cotton yarn production processes are safe for human health and ecological in all phases of the product’s life cycle.

Sleeping on a cotton yarn mattress lets your skin breathe while you sleep and your rest is fresh and clean.



Wool is a natural fibre obtained by shearing some animals and it has many qualities that make it appropriate for the textile industry.

Resistance is one of these properties, allowing the wool to be greatly stretched before tearing and to recuperate its original shape when stretching has stopped.

Another of the great advantages of wool fibre over other fibres is its capacity to absorb humidity, without having the sensation of being humid.Moreover, wool repels watery liquids from its surface due to the waterproofing provided by a very thin layer of waxy material on the fibre’s surface.

We have seen that wool traps water inside its fibres, but its air-trapping property, through a similar physical mechanism, is also important. The ability to thermally insulate the cold is mainly due to the volume that the wool curl produces in the garment and allows it to trap the air inside its fibril structure. Therefore, wool fabrics keep us warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The smooth warmth of a wool mattress is the best coat for your dreams.

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